# Volumes with Docker CLI

Volumes can also be used with Docker containers, services, and stacks through the cio volume plugin.

Docker volumes

This example demonstrates how to create the docker volume foo using the cio driver and an option to set its capacity to 15GB:

$ docker volume create --driver cio --name foo --opt capacity=15

This volume can be seen in both the cio and docker volume lists:

$ cio volume ls
NODENAME             VDISK     DRIVE TYPE                    SIZE  UUID      VOLUMENAME
u3                   vd1       SSD   2-copy                  25GB  adc4800a  portainer         
u1                   vd2       SSD   2-copy                  15GB  fd35e844  foo               

$ docker volume ls
cio:latest          foo
cio:latest          portainer

An easier way to configure volume options is through the use of profiles. This is explained in greater detail in the next two sections: Why profiles and Using profiles.

Docker containers

Volumes can be attached to docker containers either through the -v or --mount flags. The next two examples demonstrate how to launch a docker container running alpine and connect the volume foo to it.

A container can be launched using the -v flag:

$ docker run -it --volume-driver cio -v foo:/tmp --name foo alpine sh
/ #

or the --mount flag:

$ docker run -it --mount source=foo,target=/tmp,volume-driver=cio --name foo alpine sh
/ #

If the docker volume foo already exists then it will be attached to the containers, otherwise a new volume foo will be generated.

Docker services

Volumes can similarly be used with docker services and created using the --mount flag. In this example a mysql service is launched using the cio volume driver and the MYSQL profile:

$ docker service create --replicas 1 --detach=false -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=mysecret --mount source=mysql-data,target=/var/lib/mysql,volume-driver=cio,volume-opt=profile=MYSQL --name mysql mysql
overall progress: 1 out of 1 tasks
1/1: running   [==================================================>]
verify: Service converged
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