Get Started with Storidge CIO

Storage has a reputation as technology that is difficult to use, and requires expertise to operate. Our goal at Storidge is to change the user experience and deliver enterprise storage capabilities that any one can deploy and use.

Storidge's Container I/O (CIO) software aims to simplify the life of developers and operators. We eliminate the need to manage storage infrastructure by automating storage operations. In addition we take a developer centric approach, with built-in assumption that key users will be developers focused on applications, instead of administrators focused on infrastructure.

This Introduction (opens new window) identifies key capabilities and benefits of the Storidge software for developers and operators.

The Kubernetes Guide (opens new window) and Docker Swarm Guide (opens new window) steps through software installation, creation of a cluster, and highlights commonly used commands and important use cases. This is a great place to start if you are evaluating or doing a proof of concept for Kubernetes or Docker Swarm persistent storage.

Storidge CIO is cloud native storage. However cloud native storage is not the only way to provide persistent storage for stateful cloud native applications. The CIO vs Others (opens new window) section discusses how earlier generations of storage technology can work with cloud native apps in an orchestrated environment. It identifies important factors for enterprises to consider, as they journey towards a more software defined future for their data centers.

Last Updated: 4/5/2021, 1:24:58 AM